Bouw7 is the #1 cloud software for the construction industry.

From € 1 a day, your project management and administration will be completely digitalised.

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More time for the real job. Always have your administration in order.

Bouw7 is the number 1 construction software. Our cloud software is designed to increase efficiency in the construction industry. Discover the advantages of bouw7 when it comes to administration, planning and project management.

With bouw7, your planning, material processing, time tracking and invoicing will be done in a jiffy and everything will be stored in the cloud immediately.

A mobile, all-in one platform which is designed to streamline project management in the construction industry.


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Everything you need, as simple as that. Stop with all the fuss and start working in a smarter way. Start today with the construction software of bouw7.

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That’s why you use bouw7 time tracking, planning and project management.


As soon as you log in to bouw7, you will find an organized dashboard. Here you will find a complete and simple overview of your company. In the blink of an eye you will find your staff overview, projects which are currently in progress and finances.

Planning & registration

With its digital planning, you can immediately look into your projects and send assignments to the smartphone or tables of the employee. With the mobile bouw7 applications, you can easily register the hours that you make and also the hours of your employees and sub-contractors.

Project management

All your information in one place. Things like contact details, time management, material and waste disposal records, purchase orders, specifics, drawings and other documentation. Here you will also find your sub-contractors and client information.

Why is bouw7 the best software solution?

SaaS cloud solution

Bouw7 is a cloud solution. In other words, this is a SaaS solution (Software as a Service). An important reason to choose a SaaS solution will be cost efficiency. Bouw7 offers a reliable online infrastructure which will help you to move forward.

Cost reduction

Because bouw7 optimizes your administrative processes, we guarantee you a minimum savings of several hours per employee per month. Bouw7 therefore will pay for itself within a few months.

Open platform (API)

The construction software of bouw7 comes with an API (Application Programming Interface) which enables any kind of software package to be linked with bouw7. With that, our construction software would be the right extension for your existing company’s software.

User guarantee

Bouw7 is the only software party which gives out a user guarantee. With our advanced importing functions (the bouw7 importer) we will make sure that your transition to our software will be worry-free.

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